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Hey! My name is Dhruv Kairon and I am 20 years old. I live in Edmonton, Canada and currently attend the University of Alberta studying Honours Computer Science. I recently moved here from Gurgaon, India. I involve myself in numerous activities like Public Speaking, Model United Nations Conferences, Debating, Event Organizing, Programming and loads of other stuff.

Studying Computer Science at the UofA has been an immense learning opportunity for me as I try to utilize the numerous resources available to me in not just programming but also Debate, Sports, and other extracurriculars

  • University: University of Alberta
  • Major: Computer Science Honours
  • Resume: Click Here
  • Age: 20
  • Email: dhruvkairon@gmail.com


Here are all the languages I can speak and type!








Here are the list of coding languages I am proficient at!

HTML 80%
CSS 75%
JavaScript 85%
C 55%
Java 80%
Python 90%
SQL 80%
C++ 55%


Sage: The Lost Realms

Founder of an intriguing level game made on Greenfoot with Java


What2Eat is a web application made using Flask. It allows users to enter ingredients available to them and it shows Recipes best matching their query.


Unique social media website for university students to meet new friends based on their schedules.

Experience and Education


Model UN President


Delhi Public School Gurgaon

I was the the President of the Model UN club in the first half of 2020. My responsibilities included training the young juniors in the skill of MUNing, managing delegations to various inter-school Model UNs as well as hosting the first ever virtual Utopia Model United Nations 2020 in the capacity as the President of the club.

President, Vice Student Council

2019 - 2020

Delhi Public School Gurgaon

I was the School President of the Council for my Grade-11. All events organizations, Student representation, Discipline duties were part of my mandate and acted as Student-Administration interface for one of the biggest schools in Delhi. It taught me a lot regarding people, their behaviours and general management of the masses.

Project Leads

Director of Operations

2019 - Present

Sandhi - The Connect

Through the vehicle of holistic and quality education, Sandhi - The Connect offers unique opportunities to underprivileged girls. Our initiative is a virtual platform for students of government schools that acts as a support system for them. A cloud-based virtual classroom is being used to provide a conducive environment to deliver content that transforms the learning process into a dynamic experience, to develop literacy. It not only covers the set curriculum but also uses activities and projects to make the topics more comprehensive and interesting. I presently work as the Director of Operations where I oversee and supervise proper functioning of assets and overall management of our resources



Lex Model United Nations 2020

Lex Model United Nations 2020 was an online MUN conference held on 13th and 14th June, The conference was completely non-profit and all earnings were donated to PM Modi CARES COVID Relief Fund. We raised INR 21,240 in our endeavour.


University of Alberta

2022 - 2026
Honours Computer Science

List of courses

  • CMPUT 274: Intro to Tangible Computing 1
  • CMPUT 275: Intro to Tangible Computing 2
  • CMPUT 272: Formal Systems and Logic in Computing Science
  • MATH 144: Calculus for Physical Sciences 1
  • MATH 144: Calculus for Physical Sciences 2
  • STAT 151: Introduction to Applied Statistics 1
  • ENGL 102: Introduction to Critical Analysis
  • ASTRO 101: Black Holes
  • EAS 201: Planet Earth
  • CLASS 102: Greek and Roman Mythology

M.E LaZerte High School, Edmonton

2020 - 2021

List of courses

  • Mathematics 31
  • Mathematics 30-1
  • Physics 30-1
  • Chemistry 30-1
  • English language Arts 30-1
  • Social Science 30-1
  • Advanced Computer Science
  • Social Science 20-1

Delhi Public School Gurgaon, India

2015 - 2020

List of courses

  • Mathematics [Grades 7 - 11]
  • Physics [Grades 9 - 11]
  • Chemistry [Grades 9 - 11]
  • English language Arts [Grades 7 - 11]
  • Social Science [Grades 7 - 8]
  • Computer Science [Grades 7 - 11]
  • History [Grades 9 - 10]
  • Political Science [Grades 9 - 10]
  • Geography [Grades 9 - 10]
  • Economics [Grades 9 - 10]
  • Physical Education [Grades 7 - 11]
  • Hindi Language Arts [Grades 7 - 10]



Edmonton, Alberta

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